Reduction in Basic Pay, Hourly Rate and Allowances

1 Why was my salary reduced?
The Minister for Finance in his December budget for 2010 introduced a civil and public service cut in pay. New pay scales have been issued to all relevant employers and the reductions apply to all staff working and paid by the Hospital from 1st January 2010

2 What is the rate of deduction?
For annual salary rates below €125,000 the reduction is calculated as:

5% on first €30,000 per annum
7.5% on next €40,000 per annum
10% on next €55,000 per annum

For annual salary rates in excess of €125,000 the reduction is calculated as:

8% on salaries between €125,000 and €165,000
12% on salaries between €165,000 and €200,000
15% on salaries of more than €200,000

As with pay awards, the reduction in basic pay is based on full-time value pro-rated for job-sharing, flexible workers and hourly paid staff

3 Why is my hourly rate reduced?
Your hourly rate is calculated based on full-time salary divided by 52.18 weeks and standard hours for grade, e.g. 35, 37.50, 39

Calculation of premium payments and overtime continues to be paid at the higher December 2009 rate. The reduced hourly rate will apply from February payment.

4 The reduction in pay applies to all staff and a reduction of 5% applies to those whose full-time equivalent basic pay does not exceed €30,000.

However, if you earn less than €30,000 per annum because you are a job-sharer/flexible worker or hours as required staff member please note that your reduction is based on the equivalent full-time salary as stated in 2 above. This would also be used if a pay award was applied. All payments to staff not working full-time equivalent are pro-rated in line with pay scales, allowances etc

5 What allowances have been reduced and by how much?
The reduction in pay has also been applied to all allowances, e.g.
Saturday cash, acting, dual responsibility, shift, team leader, diploma/higher degree, accommodation, on-call and standby for paramedical and nursing staff etc etc.

For the majority of staff these allowances are reduced by 5% as their basic pay would fall under €125,000

For staff where basic pay exceeds €125,000 allowances are reduced by 8%