Dublin Fine Gael on the 30 kph speed limit in the City Centre core.

Following a detailed discussion on this issue, the elected councillors resolved to send out the following statement: – “Fine Gael on Dublin City Council understands the public abreaction to the introduction of a city centre 30 kph speed limit zone around the clock. While Fine Gael is supportive of the pedestrianisation policy for the core city centre, we feel that this speed limit should be restricted from 7 am to 7 pm.

As locally elected representatives in Dublin, we speak for Dublin Fine Gael on issues of local government. Therefore our policy takes precedence over comments emanating from Leinster House.

Let common sense prevail and let the nanny state mentality that has recently taken over the council be put aside in the interests of all citizens in our capital.”

Dublin City Fine Gael would prefer an immediate cessation of the 30 kph pending an examination of the reasons for the steps that led to this decision.

I really feel that the anti-car attitude of many members should be brought to public notice.  Best of luck to those who get penalty points for speeding at 25 MPH at 4 am. Bill is not the ONE to blame. I have opposed it all the way.

At the February City Council meeting, my attempt to bring this issue to review was ruled out of order. I whole issue will be reviewed after six months which pushes it out to July. E-mail your local councillors to lobby on this issue.