Andrew Montague

Unfortunately, my personal view of Andrew Montague has been misinterpreted by some bloggers. Andrew is a very decent man who is a political Green in Red Clothing. His decency shines through in the Northwest Area where he is to be found on the side of the angels – in Northwest, Bill is an angel.

Andrew is ambitious, clever, dedicated and a little too sensitive but he never kicks the downtrodden. I like the guy but that does not stop me from a robust rebuttal of his more imaginative fancies in the traffic and transport areas. To me, he is relatively intolerant of the car user and lover who number the overwhelming majority of the population. But when it comes to personal social affairs, he is an admirable public representative.

So dubbing him Mr Slow etc is all great fun but distracts from the legitimacy of his campaign and also makes opposing him seem like bullying.

People call me many things but water and ducks backs come to mind. He is well liked and respected in Santry as was evident by the spectacular vote he attained in the council election. So bloggers, don’t think I dislike him – quite the opposite but I will give him welly over the mad quays speed limits and will oppose what I consider his fervent fanaticism all the way.

I write this piece to correct any misconception. He may take things personally but that is not intended. Politics is not the field for shrinking violets. His brothers are similar talented, dedicated and committed and I like them all.

But Andrew should be in no doubt. Bill will try to stop madcap traffic plans by councillors and/or by officials. If being paid up in the AA is a conflict of interest, then I declare that conflict.

It is clear that Andrew has exposed a deep split in the Labour Party over the speed limits. However, it has given Dermot Lacey lots of column inches and Labour are likely to introduce an amendment to the motion by the Coalition for Common Sense to retain the crawl from O’Connell Bridge to Capel Street. Bill will take a leaf from Ulster and say No! I hope there are sufficient numbers for “No” to be in the majority to reverse this antisocial behaviour towards motorists.