Dublin 30km speed limit to stay
Monday, 1 March 2010 22:38

The controversial 30km speed limit in Dublin will remain in place after a motion to scrap it failed to gain enough support among city councillors.

The speed limit was supported by Labour councillors who are the biggest party on Dublin City Council.

The speed limit will now remain in force until the original review date in July.

A motion by Fine Gael councillor Bill Tormey to end the restriction now was defeated by 28 votes to 12.

But a Labour motion that would have sought a six month’s public consultation on a proposal to amend the zone also failed as it did not gain the required overall majority on the 52 member council.

It was supported by only 22 votes with 20 against.

That amendment would have allowed most of the Quays, except the area between O’Connell St and Capel St bridges, to revert to 50km.

Winetavern St and Kildare St would also have gone back to 50 kilometres.

Labour Cllr Andrew Montague proposed the amended zone saying the 30km limit needed to remain over most of the original zone to encourage people to cycle, walk and use public transport.

He said if everyone tried to use a car for every trip the city will end up in gridlock.

But Fine Gael Cllr Bill Tormey proposed the motion to scrap the limit altogether saying it was ‘excessive, oppressive, unnecessary and wrong’ to impose the limit anywhere on the quays that are East West thoroughfares through the city.

There was criticism of Labour councillors – who have a voting alliance with Fine Gael – for trying to change the speed limit bye-law after just three weeks following criticism by their party leader Eamonn Gilmore.

Fine Fáil Cllr Jim O’Callaghan said if Labour and Fine Gael cannot stand the heat of negative publicity caused by a speed limit then ‘God help them if they ever get into government’.