Boycott of selected elected representatives of the people

This letter was received from Vincent Norton of Dublin City Council. I reproduce it here to alert the public to the antidemocratic nature of the public sector unions behavior. I make no excuse for writing and saying that pay reductions across the economy are an unavoidable essential for a trading nation with high costs in a currency union unless the country decides to leave the Euro and reinstate an Punt Nua with massive consequences.

How these pay cuts are imposed is the key issue for me. It is unfair to reduce those on low incomes very much if at all and much better in the interests of social solidarity that those on higher incomes pay according to the height of their incomes. Special efforts must be made to eliminate the poverty traps caused by welfare rules applied to medical cards, job seekers and other allowances allowances to promote work and contain the growth of the black economy.

Public services must be provided to all those entitled by law. Neither workers nor unions can dictate the will of the electorate as reflected in the identities and political affiliations of those elected.

Thus the boycott is a threat to and a rejection of democracy. This issue is very serious and I await appropriate reaction from the government in the defense of the state.

Dear Cllr.

I attach for your information copy of letter received yesterday advising of the escalation of Industrial Action/Non co-operation by Members of SIPTU/LAPO.

In relation to Item 8 of the letter, I understand that non-co-operation with political representatives will also include Fine Gael and Independents who supported the principal of imposed cuts while arguing about the detail for lower paid civil servants. (Extracted from letter to Union Members, but not served on Council Management).

Yours sincerely


Vincent J. Norton
Executive Manager
City Manager’s Department

Letter advising of the escalation of Industrial Action/Non co-operation by Members of SIPTU/LAPO