Brabazon Resigns from HSE Forum

To-day the earth shook at Kells when Fianna Fail Councillor Tom Brabazon, a solicitor by profession, sent an e-mail notice of resignation to the HSE manager Ray Mitchell and then went off to the Evening Herald looking for brownie points and free publicity.

Whisper it – Brabazon is a FIANNA FAIL elected member of Dublin City Council.  Who does he think voted the HSE superstructure into existence?  Who does he think voted for the Heath Budget?  Who does he think is in power?

Have the members of the HSE Forum for Dublin and the Northeast any power to change the budget other than by motions and subsequent lobbying?  NO Mr Brabazon.

This is puerile political playacting to pretend that he is DOING SOMETHING to oppose the cutbacks.  Running away and not staying to fight is not very brave Mr Brabazon.

Now if you want to provide evidence of sincerity over play-acting, then let the public know when you resign from Fianna Fail over this issue.  I invite you to do so, otherwise I will draw my own conclusions.

His earth shattering resignation letter is reproduced below.

Dear Ray,

I wish to advise that I am resigning from the HSE North East Forum with immediate effect.

I have taken this decision as a direct result of the severe cut back in financial support for St. Francis Hospice in Raheny by the HSE .

Whilst I accept that there is a need for belt tightening accross the board to meet current fiscal circumstances, I deem it wholly inappropriate to hit those who are dying in this way.  It is a measure of our society as to how we treat our elderly, our sick and in particular those who are dying.

I have no doubt in my mind that this despicable decision will impact directly on the dignity of and the support to the dying in ways that are disproportionate to those who need both dignity and support in their final hours and days.

I am calling on the HSE Board to immediately reverse this deplorable and appaling decision immediately.

Whilst this decision is not reversed I will not be seen to support even tacitly the HSE’s position by remaining a member of the North East Forum.

Yours sincerely,

Councillor Tom Brabazon
Donaghmede Ward