Fine Gael should aim at NAMA and the Dept of Finance

The Anglo Irish bank story gets worse by the day. The pay rises for 40 bank staff in Ireland out of 800, 20 out of 370 in the UK, and 10 out of 80 in the US may be justified – It is easy to shout with little knowledge of the detailed reasons.

However, Anglo Irish lost €4.1 billion in 6 months to March 2009 and has used up last years €4 billion injection from the mugs on the terrace.

Fine Gael should hammer the mess and cost of NAMA and its fee structure. Fine Gael should hammer the continued existance of Anglo Irish but only if the new government is certain to wind it up. Fine Gael should hammer Cowen on his failure to address the jobs crisis. Fine Gael should hammer Brian Cowen for pathetic leadership of the public sector which is evidenced by the demoralisation of the troops.

One euro is the same value whether taken off a pay cut from a public sector worker or spent on a zombie bank. These costs are real not virtual. We will have to pay for them.