Gerry Breen for Lord Mayor

I wish to nominate Gerry Breen for the post of Lord Mayor of Dublin for 2010 to 2011.

Gerry would make a very good representative of the people of Dublin. He is a good raconteur and is good company.

For Fine Gael, he ensured a second seat in the Clontarf Ward in successive Local Government Elections which showed his dedication to duty and selflessness.

He is discernibly Fine Gael in the modern sense and is articulate in print and on live media. He is never an embarrassing ditherer.

Gerry will save Dublin Bay for Brent Geese and for that earn the approval of the Inuits in the Canadian Arctic.

Gerry has been articulate in the Council Chamber and has been diligent in leading and representing the FG group on the council.

He also has requisite experience at HSE level where he chaired the Forum for Dublin and the Northeast for a year.

Unlike those who wear clothes only to cover naked ambition, Gerry is collegiate and will recognize the role and existence of his colleagues.

Politics is a cruel trade and Gerry has experienced some of its vicissitudes. It has not left him bitter but merely added to his gravitas.

It is with great expectation that I nominate Councillor Breen.