How would you vote?

The main Irish political parties are vaguely to the left or to the right of centre on the political spectrum. It is interesting and usually more informative to ask Irish politicians who would they vote for in other major democracies. It more easily places them on the political spectrum. I would like to put up on this site the virtual votes of public representatives if they were voting in other mature democracies.

I will tell you that Leo V is likely to be Tory in England and Republican in the US.

Bill will now vote here and let you all know.

US – Democrat except for reactionary candidates. No Republican ever

Germany – SDP

France – Socialists – Segolene Royal

England – Liberal Democrats except for certain Labour people. Brown is complicit in war crimes against the people of Iraq. He was also a poor Chancellor of the Exchequer – just look at the budget deficit – 12% GDP approx

Canada – Liberals

Australia – Labour party – definitely not Howard

Ireland – North – very difficult because of sectarianism. Maybe Alliance or SDLP

Republic – Fine Gael but not utter Tories. My second choice would be Labour mostly – the numerate ones. We simply must change the government.

Favorite Taoiseach/Tanaiste – Garret Fitzgerald/Dick Spring

Runner – up – John Bruton/Dick Spring

Best Fianna Fail Taoiseach – Sean Lemass – maybe No 1 ever.

Worst Fianna Fail Taoiseach – Take your pick – How bad was de Valera? Charlie? Bertie? Brian? – Albert was a bit better than them. Jack Lynch – the 1977 manifesto! It is truly an awfully difficult decision to have to wallow in such awfulness.

Biggest wasted political talents – huge abilities, few opportunities. Ivan Yates and Pat Rabbitte

Next Taoiseach – Enda Kenny – about 80% probability

Finance minister after next election – 1. Richard Bruton, 2. Ruairi Quinn, 3. Pat Rabbitte, 4. Joan Burton