Safer Ballymun Report

The following is a report on the activities of Safer Ballymun for Quarter 1 2010.

Safer Ballymun Casework

  • Balbutcher Lane: A number of road safety issues have been raised in relation to Balbutcher Lane Lower. Through the Safer Ballymun Steering group a number of actions have been taken in response to these concerns including:
    1. Increased speed checks by the Gardaí;
    2. The planned installation of three junction tables by BRL to commence in May 2010;
    3. The planned installation of traffic lights with a pedestrian phase at the Poppintree Neighbourhood Centre to commence in May 2010.
  • Gateway Crescent: A number of concerns about the illegal dumping of domestic refuse around Gateway Estate have been raised. The Safer Ballymun Steering group has identified and carried out a number of actions in response to these concerns:
    1. DCC Waste Management has been actively enforcing the bye-laws relating to bin charges. Detailed inspection letters were delivered to 56 households in breach of the bye-laws informing them of their offence and the consequences;
    2. DCC and the Sillogue/Sandyhill Forum have distributed information on the Domestic Waste Waiver programme;
    3. DCC are pursuing the owners of three abandoned houses in the area with a view to initiating proceedings under the Derelict Sites Act, 1990.
    4. Sillogue/Sandyhill Forum has hosted a clean-up day in the area.
  • Coultry Blocks: Anti-social activity around the partially detenanted flat blocks on Coultry Road. The Safer Ballymun Steering group have met with residents of both the first block on Coultry road and the housing on Woodhazel Close and have identified a number of actions. These actions have been implemented and have resulted in a significant decrease in anti-social activity in the area. The actions include:
    1. The installation by BRL of a fence cordoning off the back of the first block;
    2. Targeting of the area by Gardaí through Operation Aim;
    3. The establishment of a joint residents group with the support of the DCC Community Development Section between the residents from the first Coultry block and Woodhazel Close;
    4. The maintenance of an incident log by the residents.

Community Alcohol Strategy

At the beginning of 2009 Safer Ballymun began working with the Ballymun Local Drugs Task Force to initiate the development of a Community Alcohol
Strategy for Ballymun with a focus on assessing and reducing the nature and extent of alcohol related harm in the area. Over the course of the year a
working group has been consulting local residents, community groups, and other relevant stakeholders. The final Community Alcohol Strategy for Ballymun is scheduled to be complete in June 2010.

Safer Ballymun Sub-Committee

A sub-committee of Safer Ballymun has been convened to address the issue of repeat juvenile offenders in Ballymun. The committee has met twice and
will report to the Safer Ballymun Forum with its recommendations.

Extension of Concierge System

In response to safety concerns raised through Safer Ballymun about high levels of anti-social behaviour experienced by tenants living in the remaining partially detenanted blocks of flats, BRL and DCC submitted an application to the DOE for funding approval for the extension of the concierge system. Funding has been approved by the Department and we are awaiting written confirmation.

Safer Ballymun Public Meetings

There have been two public meetings of Safer Ballymun held since the last meeting of the Joint Policing Sub-Committee – on January 25th and March
15th. The meeting held on January 25th focused on three areas: Balbutcher Lane; Gateway Estate; Coultry flat blocks/Woodhazel Close. The Coordinator
of the Ballymun School Attendance Community Action Initiative delivered a presentation. At the meeting on March 15th updates on the casework completed in relation to Balbutcher Lane, Gateway Estate, and Coultry flat blocks/Woodhazel Close was presented. Residents also raised a number of safety concerns regarding the flat blocks on Shangan Road and Poppintree Park.

White Paper on Crime

Safer Ballymun submitted a response to the White Paper on Crime Discussion Document published by the Department of Justice. The submission included
an overview of Safer Ballymun as well as recommendations relating to local community safety partnerships, the supply and sale of alcohol, and the youth justice system.

Elise Finnegan