Poolbeg Incinerator

Like it or not, too much money has been spent on the incinerator to stop now. The controversy has been an object lesson on why there should be a mayor of the Dublin Area with powers to deal with these issues which foment serious bouts of NIMBIism from local politicians. The size,placement and technical considerations can be controvertial but incinerators are common place in city centres in Europe. Incineration must not replace or undermine recycling.But we must not allow a stand-off to arise where Ireland has to pay fines in millions to the EU over breaches of waste management directives.

I believe that the Incinerator is placed in the wrong place and should have been at the apex of the M50 which would have kept transport movements to a minimum. I am in favour of incineration and will state so here. John Gormley is pathetic as a minister as was Michael McDowell before him to be unable to negotiate a deal for government which would shift the site and/or the size of the installation.

For Gormley to include a levy of €120 per tonne on waste for incineration is the best method of encouraging land fill and dumps. This figure is 12 times more than the ESRI report figure and nearly five times greater than the sum recommended by his own waste policy review report.

Gormley will get the order of the boot in next election. Kevin Humphries and Eoin Murphy will escort him to his bicycle.