Dunphy and Tormey in DNW?

The discussion in politics.ie on the Fine Gael intention to seek well known people to stand for election to the next Dail to seek an overall majority government is the usual mix of the cerebral and the inane.

Eamonn Dunphy as a Fine Gael candidate was one of the kites flown. Some of the contributors suggested that Eamonn Dunphy would have to go to Dublin Central or Dublin Northwest. I was dubbed a “nutter” by an obvious Einstein and there was the usual bleating about Dunphy’s past wilder comments. As if a bit of wildness precludes representational selection by the public! Not everyone in the country is a stodgy conservative. I would welcome the experience of running with Eamonn Dunphy. We might even win. Dunphy is not a good candidate, he is a great candidate. At least we would not be ignored. He would be a fabulous advocate for the area including Dublin City University which is the best performing young university in the world rankings. Finglas and Ballymun is not a dessert in the arts. The Helix is in DCU and the Axis Arts Centre is in Ballymun directed by Ray Yates.

Eamonn might be a bit dodgy for the whip system in Dail Eireann but so be it. He was disciplined enough to play professional football at a high level for a slim small man. Don’t scoff. Could you do it? Anyway, I think that Enda should offer both himself and Vincent Browne a seat in the Senate to liven the place up if they are not elected elsewhere.