Sean O’Rourke left jabs Gilmore

Sean O’Rourke pursued Eamonn Gilmore in ‘The week in politics’ on RTE 1 as to why he avoided any succinct comment or indication or judgement on the Croke Park public sector union deal with the government. Gilmore said that he could not indicate his view and he had a responsibility not to interfere. Sean O’Rourke told him he was funking the issue. Spot on!

Gilmore is now involved in Fianna Fail speak. Pat Rabbitte supported Jack O’Connor personally and said it straight on the same program. I think that Gilmore will try to caress the public sector G-spots for his electoral advantage. He is buffed up much more than his ability warrants. Rabbitte is in a different higher class, of course, in my opinion. I trust Rabbitte as a leader of the country. Gilmore is too vapid.