Gerry Ryan – High risk people should learn from him

It has been reported in the papers that the late Gerry Ryan had high blood pressure (the greatest risk factor for cardiovascular disease), high blood cholesterol, and high liver enzymes by his own account from alcohol intake well above safe levels. So middle aged Gerry was at relatively higher risk of a heart attack. It is unclear whether he took effective treatment for these. Big swings in weight increase cardiac risk. Recently, he took reductil for weight loss – not a great idea with high blood pressure.

Unfortunately, the Herald reports that he complained of indigestion to friends when out at 9 pm. At midnight, was is so unwell that he phoned his producers to cancel his show next morning. Then………… poor guy. Pity he did not call an ambulance. Classic symptoms and story; dreadful outcome.

If anyone has a similar circumstance call an ambulance or go straight to A&E. Always learn from tragedy.