Shamrock Rovers spectators cause trouble in Dundalk

Football (soccer) is a funny game in the sense that once a fan of X club nearly always a fan of club X. Well in my book “Ten years hard Labour” Blackwater Press – Thank you John O’Connor – I wrote about my attachment to Shamrock Rovers and Milltown.

My sons Tommy and Stanley are Rovers fans on a virtual weekly basis. I find football boring in comparison to rugby so I am an occasional football man.

This dilatory attitude of mine is compounded by the death of my pal Tom Farrell – a Bohemians fan – Ollie Byrne of Shels and the retirement of Ronan O’Donoghue and others from the Rovers terrace cognisenti.

Even now my sons and I are members of the Rovers 400 club that funds and owns the club. Last weekend, live on Setanta Sport, there were about 500 Rovers fans in Dundalk (Including two Tormeys) out of a crowd of 4,000 when about 15 Rovers fans began throwing bottles and other objects onto the pitch when a Rovers player and the team manager had been red carded by the referee. This incident was fully recorded on TV and I hope the Gardai identify these thugs and take them to court for public order offences.

The Rovers committee should ban them and if they are seen inside the Tallaght ground – have them ejected. No tolerance should be extended to these fools.

As for the manager, his role should be examined and appropriate action should follow – nothing if no case and a penalty if involved in provoking the crowd.