ASAI say Crisp ads not Hunky Dory

The Fargo Hunky Dory crisp ads are brilliant. For attention grabbing and publicity, they rival Michael O’Leary. The impact just enhances the public image of rugby by making it sexier. The prissy reaction from prudes is well off the mark. Have they ever heard of rugby songs and the legends of coarse rugby? Sex is more wholesome than alcohol anytime. No objections to Heineken, just female bits! The Advertising Standards Authority of Ireland (ASAI) requested Largo Foods to abandon the ad campaign which costs €500,000. As it happens, Largo foods sponsor the Navan rugby team. The Rape Crisis Network Ireland claimed that the posters were sending out messages that may condone or have the effect of encouraging unsafe actions. The depths of disingenuous absurd victimhood are plunged by the comment of Fiona Neary from that organisation in which she is quoted as saying “These posters add to attitudes and behaviours that make Ireland a place where the casual and everyday sexual assault of women is permitted and unchallenged”

Any violence against women is dispicable and cowardly in my view. It is never condoned in any way by me or any of my friends of either sex. Over the top inaccurate and silly comments merely undermine the common sense approach to life and make the really serious campaigns against violence on women by these lobby groups less credible because they have aquired a sunliminal label of whinging abdurdity.