Owner Occupier in Hell

This letter came to me recently and leaves no doubt as to the quality of life of young Irish people left to the tender mercies of an economic system that does not protect them in their basic lifestyles. It is a savage endictment of the system that I am pledged to change. I will not compromise and pretend that that I have the time to be a messenger boy who will respond to issues in a way that is dishonest and against the interests of society as a whole.

The specific issues with the builder and the fence have been raised at the Northwest Area Committee of Dublin City Council. The City Manager spoke at the last Council meeting on legal measures being undertaken to try to resolve these life experience problems. I will do what I can to keep this development to the fore to ensure resolution.

Dear Ministers/ Councillors

My name is Mary Irish and I am an owner/ occupier at X Parkview Green, Finglas , Dublin 11. As some of you may be aware, there are currently many issues of concern in this estate.

Let me just you a bit of background information, in July of this year I will be in Parkview 2 years, I actually put my deposit down in February 2007, some 3 years ago.

I am living in a duplex apartment in the last block, for those of you who know the area, this is the block closest to Poppintree Park. When I put the deposit down, one of the main factors for me was the very impressive security measures outlined in the brouchures, mainly the electric gates on all the court yards, as my entrance is in the court yards, also for anyone with young children, this was a good selling point as people want to feel the children are safe while playing. 3 Years down the line and the gates are still not up and running! On making enquiries with Lyndon Barry who are the builders, I was promised that the gates would be up and running by September 2008 and since then I have not been able to get a straight answer from the builders. After a recent meeting with Wyse management company, I have been informed that the total cost to set these gates up is €1300 per gate, with 3 gates needing to be done. I am also having ongoing problems in relation to parties and anti social behaviour in Parkview Green.

I understand that people will have friends over but my main concern is the amount of people walking through the court yard in the early hours of the morning, a problem which can be simply rectified with the electric gates.

Another issue I want to discuss is the hoarding between the estate and Poppintree Park, there is now a big gap in the hoarding between the estate and the park, and this is now being used by people – who let me add are not living in this estate, as a walk through and a short cut. THIS IS NOT ACCEPTABLE anymore and is down right dangerous for the children in this estate who are out playing. One should be able to feel safe in letting their children play outside without strangers using this as a walkway. This is a matter for the builders and Ballymun regeneration who are responsible for putting in place a secure railing around the area. This is a major issue in the estate, we are having people drinking in the builders dumping ground at the back of the estate every weekend and then causing trouble in the estate, these people are not local and we have had many incidents when they are around, namely, motorbike and bin shed being set on fire and fires in the dumping ground. Also in the dumping ground, there are uncovered 12 feet manholes which is nothing more than a health and safety issue at this stage and let me add that there are young children in playing around that area!!!

I have made numerous representations to the builder and without an acceptable response, this is why I am seeking the help of my local representatives. I am originally from the Finglas area and wanted to stay around locally when buying my own house, I feel that the builders are taking us all for fools in this estate. How can they not follow through with things we were promised in the beginning, I am looking out at a dumping site at the moment and we have people from outside of the estate coming and dumping their rubbish here. Frankly, as far as I am concerned, this is total negligence on the part of Lyndon Barry and Ballymun Regeneration. I have never contacted anyone like this before but I am at my wits end at this stage and frankly dont know what else I can do, therefore I am wondering if any of you can make representatives on our behalf.

Looking forward to hearing from you soon