Paschal Donohoe for Dublin Central

The Fine Gael candidate selection convention for the next general election was held on the 18th of May in the Half Way House on the Navan Road. Senator Paschal Donohoe was selected as the candidate and after his by-election performance, he is a Shergar candidate in this race.

In the next election, on the assumption that the economic maestro El Berto will retire, my view is the Joe Costello from Sligo will head the poll in Dublin Central, Paschal Donohoe is the likely second, presumably Mary FitzPatrick the ultimate NIMBIist will get the next seat for Fianna Fail.
I will now declare a bias. I would like to see Christy Burke elected because he is an authentic voice of the inner city Dub and such a voice should be heard in any parliament.

I urge you all to vote for Paschal Donohoe who is a conservative and thoughtful man and I respect his ability. He has integrity and was in school at St Declan’s in Cabra. Paschal understands business and employment and gave up a lucrative job as a senior executive in a major company to serve the people of the area and the people of Ireland. We need people with serious business experience and competence to make up for the teachers and doctors in politics.

Fine Gael is well served in that constituency by Councillors Mary O’Shea, a solicitor with Kerry connections and Ray McAdam with Cavan relatives.

Mary O’Shea who is a solicitor is very sound and lives in Phibsboro. She is a good organiser and keeps the Fine Gael group on Dublin City Council fully informed of issues as they arise. Ray McAdam is a man of great talent and energy and should be fast-tracked to the Oireachtas.

The pictures show Enda Kenny giving his speech at the meeting. He was excellent and gave hope to the audience that the FG jobs policy will create 70,000 jobs and reduce the 430,000 on the Live Register. He also talked about the jobs policy of national investment which is on the Fine Gael Website.

Enda Kenny outlined the Fine Gael alternative to the failed policies of the Clara Economic Undertaker.

  • Government policies will lead to the loss of a further 70,000 jobs in 2010 – a total loss of almost 300,000 jobs in the three years since it was re-elected.
  • The unemployment rate has tripled to 13.4% – the second highest in EU.
  • 432,500 were on the dole in April – record figures.
  • Those under 34 years of age have suffered 85% of the job losses.
  • And 82,998 people under 25 are on the dole, with tens of thousands more forced to emigrate to find work.

At its core, the government’s strategy is about battening down the hatches and protecting a circle of powerful interests that help sustain its power, while freezing out a younger generation who have yet to get a foothold on the economic ladder. Brian Cowen’s “bubble economy” has resulted in sky high personal debt matched with deteriorating national competitiveness.

Fine Gael has a very different approach to fixing the economy, focused on job creation and protection. We understand that we cannot fix the banks and the public finances unless we also fix the jobs crisis. Our plan for “Getting Ireland Working Again” would create and protect 175,000 jobs.

  • Instead of increasing taxes, as the Government proposes, we would immediately cut taxes on jobs and struggling sectors of the economy. We would abolish the €10 travel tax for tourists, cut VAT on home extensions and refurbishments, hotels and restaurants and cut PRSI for 1.7 million jobs.
  • Instead of borrowing billions more to bail out Anglo Irish Bank, as the Government proposes, we would use the same money to start a new National Recovery Bank to ease credit conditions for families and small businesses.
  • Instead of slashing investment in vital infrastructures, as the Government proposes, Fine Gael’s “NewERA” plan would create 105,000 jobs through an €18 billion upgrading of the clogged arteries of our economy – water, broadband and energy – paid for in part by selling assets that the State no longer needs. Economic commentator Eddie Hobbs described it as “the best thought out strategy in town”.
  • Instead of encouraging idleness, dependency and poverty for younger unemployed people, we would use the social welfare budget to expand second chance education, training and internship opportunities.
  • Instead of more cuts in pay for low- and middle-income workers, as the Government proposes, we would help small businesses, exporters and inward investors by forcing down high prices for rent, electricity, transport and professional services.

The three pictures from the meeting show Enda giving it wellie with emphasis; then Ray, Paschal, Bill and Enda and finally Mary keeping bad company!