At Lord Mayor’s Awards 2010

Lord Mayor Emer Costello and Councillor Declan Flanagan brother of Sundance Flanagan of Halamide Rode and his mate Butch Chastity. Emer wore her party colours and Gerry Breen sang “What did Stella Wear boy?”. Answer – a smile! Butch was in affable mode, never wonce mentioning “Sex Shops”, “Head Shops”, Disgraceful, Shocking, Community, Residential Children, A&E or other occasions of sin! Butch admitted to receiving a warning about his sirname under the Trade Descriptions Act but said that he thought that chastity was a powerful invention at the Vatican which failed to catch on and never made it into the charts.

More seriously, the Lord Mayor was excellent on the occasion and the Prince Consort (her husband Joe) was there working the tables like a desciple of El Berto. Finglas resident, Award Recipient Janette Byrne of Patient Focus was there with partner Declan Molony – Fair does to them.