Eamonn Dunphy neatly sidesteps the Dail by use of divertionary tactics

The Dunphy Files are journalistic vignettes written by Eamonn Dunphy in the Star.

The heading this week is “I turned down Fine Gael after talented Lee was squeezed out. He goes on to opine “He (Lee) was squeezed out by people like Richard Bruton, Simon Coveney and Leo Varadkar who would not let him near the serious policy areas. That’s a bad sign of our system that someone of Lee’s ability, intelligence and knowledge of the economy couldn’t make a proper contribution”

I dealt with Mr Lee in my open letter earlier on this site. Eamonn should realise that Lee could still make a serious impact on Irish policy if he was bothered. he has access to well defined platforms. I could not imagine me being diverted from my views on the health service by anyone in politics. Had George Lee formulated an alternative policy to Richard Bruton on the economy, I am sure that Enda Kenny would have listened to him and if convinced, done something to incorporate the Lee view in Fine Gael policy. Kenny’s great strength is his openness to change and willingness to listen to alternative views.

With the Dunphy penchant for publicity, I have no doubt that Deputy Dunphy could make a considerable impact on the lives of people in Ireland but that requires getting elected. From my experience, that is a difficult trick. Eamonnn, I can tell you in public, that you can run with me here in the Northwest of the city and I will cheer you on.