Clinical Endocrinology at the RCPI

The Endocrinology Group meets during the academic terms at the Royal College of Physicians facility at South Frederick Street Dublin where cases of interest are presented by teams from all over the country. Some of the usual suspects were present this week. The first picture is with Professor Michael
Cullen of TCD St James Hospital. Michael is a superb clinician and it is one
of my regrets that I never got the chance to work closely with him at St
James. The other picture is with Professor Seamus Sreenan of the Royal
College of Surgeons Medical School whose main remit is teaching the graduate entry programme at Connolly Hospital for the College. Seamus has close association with the University of Chicago and is a super doctor. The other colleague in the picture is Dr Amar Agha, Consultant Endocrinologist at Beaumont Hospital. He is a member of a very prominent Palestinian family (Al Fatah) and has a superb record. He is simply excellent and has an
impressive command of modern medical literature. With Professor Chris
Thompson, an English Graduate, Dr Dermot Smith from UCD and Dr John
McDermott from UCG, the standard of endocrine investigation at the Beaumont/Connolly axis is superb. Training and Multidisciplinary meetings form a core of the clinical diagnostic and therapeutic program of patient care at the institutions.It is a privilege to work with such quality. It drags everyone upwards!