Northwest Area bits and pieces for May/June

FitzMaurice Road

A meeting has taken place with local business owners and staff from the Traffic Division to discuss parking arrangements on Fitzmaurice Road. The area will be re-examined to see if additional parking can be accommodated and a report will be brought back to a future area committee meeting.

Speed Cushions versus Ramps
On a bus and emergency service route, speed cushions rather than ramps have been provided to facilitate emergency vehicles and safety of bus passengers. Following consultation with Dublin Bus and the Gardaí, speed cushions are considered the most appropriate method of traffic calming on bus routes. Large single ramps have been shown to be less effective in reducing speed.

Jamestown Road

Waste Management Services had Jamestown Road cleaned and the litter removed on Monday 10th May 2010. We have Jamestown Road cleaned three times a week and we will continue to do all we can to keep this area as clean as possible.

Waste Management Services will examine Jamestown Road with the view to installing extra litter bins there at suitable locations.

Ballymun – Pairc na Cuilinn

Behind Pairc na Cuilinn in Ballymun is a palisade steel galvanised fence which has been repaired on numerous occasions over the past two years at a considerable cost to Ballymun Regeneration Limited. Each time the fence is repaired it is damaged within a matter of days by vandals using angle grinders to cut through the fence or ramming through the fence using stolen cars. This fence was originally erected as a perimeter fence for a building compound used by one of the building contractors employed for infrastructure works which has been completed approximately four years ago.
The fence was never intended as a protection barrier for housing situated in proximity of this area. Ballymun Regeneration Limited, in association with Dublin City Council as a part of an open spaces strategy for future development sites, intend to remove all redundant fencing and return each area to open plan green grass area. This will include the fencing behind Pairc Na Cuilinn.


Finglas Village Regeneration in the context of the collapse of the developers company Marumba – “Waiting for Ken Hand” (Like Sam Beckett – Waiting for Godot)

The Planning Department in conjunction with the North West Office is presently engaging in a review of the Finglas Regeneration Strategy within the context of the new City Development Plan and the current economic climate. It is intended to make a presentation to the Committee on this matter shortly. It would be appropriate to defer consideration on the
establishment of a task force until that meeting has taken place.

Finglas Village traders and footfall

In support of the traders in Finglas Village, the Councillors of the North West Area support a strategy which would attract people travelling along the N2 into Finglas Village. Possible measures might include information signage highlighting the historical attractions and commercial services in Finglas.

Staff from the North West Area Office met recently with representatives of the traders in Finglas and discussed the issue of additional signage on the N2. The matter is being investigated with the Traffic Division regarding the possible nature, location and associated costs of additional signs. The outcome of this investigation will be communicated to the traders representatives for further discussion and a report will be brought back to
the area committee.

Dunsink Dump

Scrambler bikes are noisy and that noise is annoying some Finglas residents who want access to the dump made more secure. Control of access points to the former dump facility at Dunsink is the responsibility of Fingal County Council. Accordingly the City Council will request that Fingal to deal with this matter. Fingal have an area plan which proposes that a version of the Phoenix Park be designed at Dunsink. This has remained unchanged for two years.

Unsold Housing Units in Northwest Area

Dublin City Council’s involvement in the unsold units in the North West Area is solely confined to the affordable units. At present there are 76 unsold affordable units in the North West Area. They are located in the Prospect Hill development on the Finglas Road (63 units) and Poppintree Park off the Jamestown Road (13 Units) and are available for sale. Pilot schemes such as ‘rent to buy’ are proposed for these developments. The North West Area has no involvement in NAMA to date.

Contact: Tony Flynn, Senior Executive Officer
Phone: 222 5223.

Poppintree Park and Lyndonbarry Company

This site was disposed by way of development agreement to Lyndonbarry. Brl has been meeting with Lyndonbarry in relation to the poor condition of the site and has formally written to them expressing dissatisfaction with the condition of the site.
Lyndonbarry has undertaken to tidy up the site within their current resources and has confirmed that they are in discussion with their bankers in relation to the completion of the site. The bottom line is that the company is broke. The City Manager has taken a personal interest in this site and will take whatever action is necessary to secure the area and consequently improve the living conditions of residents.