The Michaels – D v Graham on “The Right Hook”

I heard the discussion/debate on Newstalk’s “The Right Hook” between Michael D Higgins TD and Michael Graham, sometime contributor to George’s show and presenter in the past as a stand in, about the Israeli behaviour in attacking the Gaza Convoy. Graham hams up the motor mouth right wing obnoxious American yahoo in a big way. I find many of his attitudes repugnant. If you want an instant flavour of that genre check Bill O’Reilly on Fox News. I think O’Reilly is an arrogant disingenuous boor who should always be given both barrels by opponents.

The debate that I heard on Newstalk radio was lively. Graham got Higgins on one issue because of Higgins’ reluctance to acknowledge the reality of the rocket attacks from Gaza by Hamas which can only be described as terrorism.

When in debates, remember facts are precious. If you are only a propagandist then you will loose for the most part. On the other hand Graham entirely fails to appreciate the persistent and repetitive state sanctioned crimes of the Israeli government against the Palestinian people whose land was snatched from them after 1948. Look at the wall and just think of the apartheid regime of the South African National Party. The attack on Gaza was not proportionate. Neither is the West Bank occupation.

Michael D Higgins shouted at Graham “ Be proud to be a decent American rather than a wanker whipping up fear”. George Hook is quoted as saying “It was a super bit of radio. I thought the use of the word was fine. Words like that have entered modern parlance”.

Is the word “wanker” beyond the pale? Well No! Even the Concise Oxford Dictionary carries the word and states ‘wanka/n. Brit. coarse slang 1. a contemptible or ineffectual person. 2. a person who masturbates.

It is unlikely that Michael D Higgins gives a damn about the personal sexual habits of an individual except for illegalities, so it is reasonable to assume that Michael D thinks that Graham is a No 1 definition. I have to agree.