Ballymun Area Update

CCTV update – dates/on schedule?

First cameras go live in Poppintree Park in July. The full system will be operational at end of August. All poles are in place, new control room is fitted out. Cameras and transmission equipment yet to be installed.

Hail Housing and Hampton Wood – what is the difference in tenancies?

Housing Association tenancies are subject to different terms and conditions to DCC tenants. Tenancy agreement sets this out, and in general there is a higher rental charge.

Hail Housing – what is the long-term intention regarding mix and numbers?

This question relates to Hampton Wood and who if anyone is keeping an eye on the overall tenure mix. The situation is that we have tenancies, as do housing associations. I understand that Homeless Services are housing people there and there may be a small number of RAS units. No mechanism appears to be in place to moniter the overall number of units provided through the various social housing mechanisms. Area manager will meet Housing Section ‘s Peter Ayton to discuss these issues on 4th June .

Hampton Wood was not included in the area designated under section 25 of the Social Welfare and Pensions Act 2007 therefore rent supplement can be paid in respect of tenants there but not in the rest of Ballymun, so it is likely that there are also a number of people in private rented units that are in receipt of rent allowance

Balbutcher Lane – painting programme for public area?

Action – Commenced

Update on house buy backs from private owners on Shangan Green

Dublin City Council can buy back for decanting purposes, and are doing so.

Issues in Owensilla – properties not fit due to poor quality of work

Ongoing issue since properties received from BRL

Update on consultation with stakeholders re Social Regeneration

Arts section consultation ongoing.

Voter Registration for those reaching 18 years

Over 18’s income details

This query related to whether we issue voters registration forms as part of this process. It seems this practice has lapsed and will be reintroduced.

Lifts maintenance

Lifts tender deadline? Future contract to include 2nd supplier as a contingency?

Other options? Look at how UK local authorities operate.

Tender not yet issued because the City Council is awaiting court decision re picketing. Even if we had a second supplier they probably would not have crossed the picket so in similar situation would make no difference. Judge to make call on Friday 4th June. If in our favour we can employ Temporary contractor and the Army can leave .

The councillors are very grateful for Army assistance

Ballymun Neighbourhood Council update – aims and who operates under it?

Following prolonged discussions BNC decided that it no longer provided the most appropriate mechanism for tenant representation and its board decided it should be wound up. This process is ongoing. All staff has been made redundant. Discussions regarding the most appropriate mechanism for providing support to the area based forums are ongoing. Area based forums are still operating.