M3 Motorway and closure of Navan Hospital

The M3 motorway runs from Clonee to the Cavan border north of Kells. It is 60 km in length. About 80 staff will work in the offices and toll plaza involved in money collection.

There are tolls between dunshaughlin and Clonee and another at Grange between Navan and Kells. €1.30 at each toll point. As I understand it, the toll cost to get to Kells is €2.60. This is like a paycut of €26 per week net which is probably double this gross for Kells to Dublin workers. That is nearly €1200 per year for commuters. Take off the reduced fuel consumption for avoiding Dunshaughlin and the Navan Inner Relief Road and it is still a huge imposition.
It claimed that peak time journeys from Cavan to Dublin may be cut by 1 hour. The Department of Transport claim that the average journey time will be reduced by 20 minutes for the whole trip.The daily usage is expected to be 37,000 vehicles.

Of course Minister Dempsey can use the Ministerial Merc and charge expenses.

Famous author Colm Toibin commented the “desecration of the landscape around Tara was shamefuf, shortsighted and beyond belief.” “In a time when Ireland needs places which have a secred aura and a special beauty more than ever, it is sad to see those who have misruled our country ganging up on our heritage.”

For the Health Services, it is likely that it will spell the closure of Navan Hospital whose services should logically be integrated into Connolly, Cavan and Drogheda Hospitals.