Dublin City Clampers

In 2009, 70,000 cars were clamped, relocated or towed away. there are 33,000 car parking spaces and 18 million car parking events in the city lasy year.

There were 2,436 clamping complaints appeals and only 27% were uphelled.
These received a full refund. In other words 73% were wasting their time.

A stage 1 appeal is to tyhe clamping company directl and a stage 2 appeal is to the independent parking appeals officer William Keilthy.

The clamping business in in my sights to reconfigure into necessary and unnecessary clamping in order to get best value for money. Dublin City Council currently loses €3 million plus from the exercise. That cannot continue.

Hopefully Edie Wynne will back me on this one and we might succeed in refashioning the operation in a slimmed down version.