Hagiogaphy – Sam Smyth on Brian Lenihan

Sam Smyth wrote a piece of hagiography for Brian Lenihan in the Indo on
Friday “Brian Lenihan the only man who can save Fianna Fail now”. Saint
Brian the political genius, economic whizzkid, financial mentor to the
Ecofin gang, and brave man psychologically. I agree with the last point but
the rest is either wishful thinking or straight propaganda.

Brian got the guarantee wrong in detail: Nama wrong in principle and
detail: the medical card for the elderly cut wrong politically: voted
confidence in Cowen when he knows Cowen is incompetent.

Personally, I like all the Lenihans including the Mammy (Mary O’Rourke).
But I disagree with Brian in all of the above. I admire his courage and
fantastic fortitude. Long may he thrive.

It is a remarkable fact that a solicitor and a barrister were the two main
principals in ordering the bank guarantee of the 30th September 2008.