Swimming Pool Usage in Crumlin/North Inner City/Coolock

Total visits per pool

The data on the falling numbers visiting the three pools that are under
threat of closure show the magnitude of the challenge in keeping them open.
It makes me wonder what happened the people that used to use these pools.
Have they quit swimming? Or have they moved somewhere else? Fine Gael
councillors encourage exercise across the city as an important public
health issue. We want to take whatever appropriate measures are required to
encourage use and fight the obesity war.

1998                       2008                       2009                       1/1/09 to             1/1/10 to
2/5/09                   3/5/10
Crumlin                                              67,054                   40,148                   35,265                   11,493                    9,704
Coolock                67,388                    29,611                    29,768                   10,787                   7,830
Sean McDermott             66,478                   35,880                   31,418                   11,372                   10,177