Today with Pat Kenny – Fine Gael Leadership

Monday 14th June 2010
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Fine Gael Leadership

If reports are to be believed the clock is ticking on Enda Kenny’s leadership of Fine Gael. Kenny loyalists are working to dampen down a threat to the leader insisting that he will lead the party into the next election.

It is expected that matters will come to a head at a meeting of the party’s front bench tomorrow when it is expected that Richard Bruton, the party’s deputy leader will reveal his intentions.

Last week’s opinion poll, which put Fine Gael in second place to Labour and Mr.Kenny’s rating down seven points to 24%.

On his departure from Fine Gael George Lee referred to “mutterings of discontent” about the leadership.

At the time of these comments Enda Kenny admitted that he needed to up his game.

Pat was joined by Fionnan Sheehan Irish Independent Political Editor, Fergus Finlay former Labour party advisor, former Fine Gael TD Ivan Yeates , Fine Gael TD Phil Hogan, Fine Gael Senator Liam Twomey, and Fine Gael Councillor Dr.Bill Tormey.

Valerie Cox has been to Richard Bruton’s heartland of Coolock in Dublin to find out how Deputy Bruton’s constituents feel about a challenge to Kenny.