Methadone Maintenance programme Review

If you have an interest in this subject please forward your interest to the address below and make a submission. I would like to know the time from presentation with an opiate addiction problem at a clinic to admission to methadone prescription protocol. I also think that the objectives of the programme should be revisited and audited against the performance.I did not approve of gthe restriction placed on GPs by the drugs bill when it was introduced but I am aware that some doctors had practices which generated wads of cash in a controvertial way for the prescription of opiates. I did not approve. From my medical prespective, I think that the special training modules may be inefficient and excessive. These should be reviewed.

HSE Methadone Treatment Protocol Review – Call for Submissions

The HSE is looking for submissions from any interested parties (service users, families, community and voluntary sectors, staff working in addiction services, HSE colleagues, academic and research bodies and other key stakeholders) to inform a Review of the current Methadone Treatment Protocol.

The National Drugs Strategy 2009 to 2016 requires that a review of the protocol takes place, and the HSE has commissioned Professor Michael Farrell, Professor of Addiction Psychiatry and Director of Postgraduate Medical Education in the Instituteof Psychiatry London, to conduct the Review. Professor Joe Barry, Professor of Population Health Medicine at Trinity College Dublin will work with Prof. Michael Farrell on this review.

Whilst previously reviewed internally, this is the first time the methadone treatment protocol is being reviewed externally. The Review will also include engagement with the voluntary and community sectors.

The terms of reference for the Review are:

  • to review the MTP with regard to maximising provision of treatment including detoxification, stabilisation, and rehabilitation;
  • to review the MTP with regard to Clinical Governance and audit;
  • to review the MTP with regard to effectiveness of referral pathways;
  • to review the MTP with regard to the enrolment of GPs, the training of GPs, the criteria for Level 1 and Level 2 GPs, and the GP co-ordinator role;
  • to review the MTP with regard to urinalysis testing; its appropriateness and efficacy;
  • to engage with the Department of Justice with regard to the prescribing of Methadone in Garda Stations; and
  • to review the MTP with regard to data collection, collation and analysis.

Those interested in sending submissions can do so by forwarding their views, by no later than Wednesday 30th June, via email: ; or by post:C/o HSE,Mill Lane, Palmerstown, Dublin 20. All submissions received will be subject to the Freedom of Information Acts 1997 and 2003.