An Anglo tribe obliterated

Reading an Irishwoman’s Diary written by Maggie Armstrong in the Irish Times, I was forceably struck by the names in the caption under the small picture takenĀ  at the championship meeting of the FitzWilliam tennis Club in 1883. The names are ringing indictments of an intolerant reality in our past where a whole cast of Anglo Irish left or were driven from this state after independence. This phenomenon is obvious to the discerning everywhere

– Names on the team photographs at Phoenix, Merrion, YMCA, Clontarf and Pembroke Cricket Clubs, Names in lists of players and officials of the most of the rugby clubs in Dublin dating fromn the nineteenth century, names in Bohemians Football Club, names in the church yard on Church Road, Malahide.

The Anglo origin of these resonate across history. Those in the Irish Times Caption from 1883 were HF Lawford, EH Browne, E Renshaw, E Chatterton, Vere St Leger Goold and MJ Carpendale.

Kevin Myers serves a useful role in our press to remind us of our real history and not the fabled false propaganda of the nationalist Catholic victors.