Fintan O’Toole – A true intellectual – allows prejudice to impinge on analysis.

Fintan O’Toole’s article in the Irish Times on Monday, “Time for Gilmore to think theunthinkable” is certainly Opinion to the point of prejudice rather than Analysis. Kenny is about a lot more than “machine politics”. The absence of issues arguments in the recent abortive putsch is because the party is satisfied and united, but not complacent behind the New Era, New Politics, Fair Care and other policies worked out mainly by the Front Bench. I have my own views on nuances of some of these because I am analytical and incisive. Enda Kenny’s job is to make sure that the public knows what Fine Gael is trying to achieve. It is not merely power for its own sake but in the face of overwhelming evidence of the incompetence of Fianna Fail, it is the national duty of Fine Gael to offer an alternative set of policies within which is a vision for Ireland. That is what Kenny is doing. Without a political machine, the effort would likely be fruitless