Justine McCarthy on TDs and Senators Attendence to Duty

“A TDs work is never done they’re too busy gallivanting” writes Justine McCarthy in the Sunday Times.

She writes about politicians at Cheltenham races, Dick Roche in Wicklow during a armed robbery at Druid’s Glen, Enda Kenny in Cork for Peter Barry being honoured in that city, Richard Bruton at a wedding on a Friday, Donie Cassidy and some other unnamed members playing golf and she writes that the Seanad closed down for this. Various episodes in the colourful life of James McDaid the Donegal TD are also held up like distasteful exhibits.

Her final paragraph suggests that voters should shop around for better value.

Well Justine, you would be better taking a less intense attitude to life, work and convention. The tone of this essay is censorious, judgemental and Calvinist. There is a failure to appreciate the necessity to have a balance between life, work and recreation necessary for psychological health. There is more to life than work. Otherwise presenteeism takes over from efficiency.

Every five years, the court of the public jury in the form of the electorate makes its judgements. The collective will judge all of them from the obsessive to the feckless. Not every voter makes decisions based on your criteria.