Politics.ie A vigorous reaction.

David Cochrane corrected me to say that he was a PD member for three years leaving in 2004. However my comments stirred some reaction much of it in the abuse column.

I will comment on some of the contributions:

Mr Herodotus – Labour – “political tags are irrelevant”. Fail for that comment sir!
Whether Killian is Ford or Forde is not a test of basic literacy – Fail again sir!
So-called doctor – That’s my life’s work mate and I am proud of it. Just in case you weigh in with the PhD business and courtesy titles – I have a PhD.

Later Mr Herodotus – I am a liberal social democrat and have NEVER changed my core political attitudes and beliefs. Why I made my political journey is well known and I am no flip flopper. Dublin Northwest Labour is to the right of me but clearly you are unaware of this. I have the guts to stick with what I believe. My colleagues know that and so do the elected members of Labour and Fine Gael in Dublin. We all evolve and change over time.
Gilmore’s favourites in the 1980s would embarrass him now!

The James Connolly quote is irrelevant to 2010 and is merely a historic curiosity.

Lostexpectation – “ an old bloke who doesn’t get being anonymous online what a cliché.” Fair comment

Yellowfish – makes a rational case for anonymity – in essence self-protection from possible personal physical attack or intimidation or worse from places of employment due to published views. I accept your point and I will change my view as a consequence. But – there is always a but – your comment “it also gives carte blanche to juveniles and fools to act the maggot.” is apposite. Just look at some of the abuse directed at me here and you can see where I am coming from.

Keith-M agrees with my comments. He asks where is Tommy? Usually at Rovers!

Tomas Mor – obviously cannot follow a thread! But he is correct on the litigation issues.

Victor Meldrew – I think Twitters’ Tweets are egocentric extravagances even a university President is at it!

Rich OC – is correct – I would like to reform many places in Irish Society – Muscular freedom of Information act for one, then rights of whistleblowers , reform of the medical area regarding freedom of speech.
However his smart assed comment about privacy in medicine, through intended to be ironic, is nearer the mark. Privacy is being undermined systematically but multiple group practices and electronic medical records have undermined the older expectation. Hackers will have a field day as will the CIA etc.

Codology – I have a very good idea what I am going to say on many issues because I have a set of internal principles some of which are set out on my website. My record on the humanitarian front is there to see. I am much more consistent than you seem to realise.

Rubensni – I will publish your views if you send me an email provided you libel nobody. E-mail bill_tormey@oceanfree.net Strangely, I am more about fact than opinion. Read my economic threads and they are about facts, read my local news pieces and they are about facts, read my contributions on mobile phones and they are about facts. Of course I have opinions, like the coalition-for-common-sense on the 30KPH issue in Dublin City Centre. Of course, I have many opinions but they are mostly consistent. Exsite.ie run my website. I provide the material only. They run the rest so get on to them if you insist on having a go. I have no problem with this.

LeDroit. Many people who consider themselves working class talk to and vote for me. Otherwise I would not get elected. I can be exasperated and appear rude to some people because I do not suffer ignorant abusive fools very gladly.

Labour Cricket – “How seriously anyone takes what’s on here is a matter for each individual” Correct

Myksay – I am not Bill from Wicklow.

Cruimh – I am not status conscious. My CV is a matter of interest to people who want details of my level of attainment and training. The lives of most people are caught up in their occupations.

ROC – same points as Yellowfish above. I accept the argument.

Davehiggz– agrees with me about the difficulty of navigation on the site.

Labour Lazarus – I agree with you!!! Couldn’t have put it better myself!!

Northsideman– big opinion, little knowledge – irrelevant

Catalpa – from Blanchardstown – Thank you – if you want to talk text me on
087-2544646 and I will call you back. I know Blanch well. I have worked in the hospital there for 28 years. Your comments on anonymity are again similar to your two colleagues above.

Franzoni – I canvass at the rate of 15 houses per hour and go to many community events. Look at my website and you will see many examples of where I have been and also details of all recent occurrences in the local area in Finglas and Ballymun. You will have the opportunity to vote for me in the next general election. You clearly are unaware of what I do locally.

That is my fault for not making my presence more obvious to you. I try to write a decent website so that all can be informed about local issues and about my views on wider national events that have an overwhelming impact on the lives of people in this area.

Droghedasouth – thank you for your comments. I understand only too well.

On the Far Right – I want to tell you that I was not trying to disparage Dave Cochrane in any way. I respect the electorate and also my opponents.

Shortall will head the poll easily in the next election. Dessie Ellis will be in the midteens%, Fianna Fail will be ~20+% between two and there will be a second Labour candidate who will have a realistic chance through transfers. Depending on the campaign, I also have a good chance because it is unlikely that FF can hold two seats in the present climate and in the likely near future.

Rocky – Agree entirely with you and you are right about elections here in DNW for Fine Gael recently.

ManOfReason– What reason?

Labour red 93 – Your comments on who is likely to get the 3rd seat in Northwest are possibly incorrect. Work out the scenarios and you will see what I mean. It depends on the campaign, the standing of FG and Labour at the time, and the degree to which the economic arguments reduce the relevance of Sinn Fein. Dessie Ellis is however a popular and hard working SF councillor on the ground full-time. Dessie is fireproof in Council elections but the Dail Elections will be different. The issues are different and it is difficult to believe that Fianna Fail in the persons of Minister Pat Carey and ex-minister Noel Ahern will get less than 20% combined.

rubensni– is well informed and I did have a large influence on the Annabels Case coroners verdict. It landed me in a large degree of trouble as I was libelled and have received a public apology. I was also charged by the Medical Council but they found that there was no case for me to answer. The issue is not finished yet. You are correct, I have not posted on politics.ie website.

Finally- I did write that I would love to run with Dunphy here in DNW.
Imagine the fun! The quotes would be fantastic.