Visit of UK Head of State to Ireland

Councillor Louise Minahan tried to get Dublin City Councillors to object to a state visit by the Queen of England. Read her original letter and my
reply follows –

A Chairde,

As some of you might be aware I have a motion on the clár of tonight’s
meeting opposing the invite to the Head of the British Armed forces on the grounds of Britain’s human rights abuses in Iraq, Afghanistan and here in Ireland.

I have attached for your information a statement from Firinne who work on behalf of victims of state violence and collusion and also from Brenda
Downes who’s husband was killed by a plastic bullet.
Also for your information the Chairperson of the Justice of the forgotten
(Dublin & Monaghan Bombings) Bernie McNally outlined their position on
Liveline last week. They believe the visit of the British monarch to be
premature – that there are outstanding issues that need to be addressed in relation to Britain’s activities in Ireland during the entire period of the Troubles and, particularly in relation to the cross-Border bombings of the 1970s. ( I have also attached the motion and detailed report that was passed in Leinster House by all parties in relation to this matter)
And finally plastic bullets have been fired at unarmed civilians 3 days ago injuring 3 people, 1 is in critical condition in hospital.

Thanks for your Time

Cllr Louise Minihan

My reply is:-

Dear Louise,

I support the visit of any Head of State from the EU to our country. It would be inappropriate if President McAleese was refused a State visit to England because the Irish State had neglected to care for children in care and had thus impinged on their human rights. I voted for the Good Friday Agreement to encourage Sinn Fein even though I had reservations.

It is a matter for our neighbours who is Head of their state. Mary McAleese is doing a good job here and I now support her.
She would welcome Elizabeth 11 Regina. So do I but I have no interest in meeting her or for that matter in prima geniture.
The Queen means a lot to English people and the crown is used as a symbol by many Scottish and Ulster-Scots. Even my own republican mother watched royal events on TV. On that you can count me out. However I respect their wishes.Your motion will be opposed by me and I will recommend same to my Fine Gael colleagues.

Michael Collins was one of the most effective Irish nationalists. I doubt
if he would take your attitude now.

Your sincerely

Bill Tormey