Dublin Bus Service 19 & 83 Cuts in Ballygall and East Finglas

Recently, I have received a number of representations and complaints
regarding bus service cuts in this area. The letter here was written by a
lady in Glasnevin North/Ballygall and is self-explanatory. There is also an
issue in Finglas West with buses and the fate of the 220 is annoying many people trying to get to areas of Blanchardstown by public transport. I intend to bring this subject up for discussion at the Northwest Area Committee. My experience with meeting Dublin Bus is not satisfactory. They decide what they will do and lobbying is usually futile despite the best efforts of councillors.

Dublin Bus Head Office,
59, Upper O’Connell St.,
Glasilawn Road,
Dublin 1
FAO Joe Meagher
Dublin 11
Chief Executive

June 16th, 2010

Dear Mr. Meagher,

RE: Routes 19 & 83

It is with extreme anxiety and disappointment that I write to you with
regard to the above bus routes.

Briefly, I do not drive and depend on these routes to travel to and from
the city. The service of both these buses, at best, is unsatisfactory with the frequency being evey 20 mins or so even at peak times and worse off peak. Many times I have stood for hours in Westmoreland St or O’Connell St waiting for the 83 or 19, there are always far more 19A than 19 and the 4 and 140 come very frequently! Now I hear of the proposal to take off the 19 completely! This will cause extreme hardship to many in the Glasnevin area – there is only the choice of the 19 & 83 and of course you know there is no DART or LUAS in this area. Many old people, as there are old folks flats and quite a number of elderly living in the Tolka Estate Area, depend on these services and there are of course several schools – To reduce the service by 50% will result in chaos in the morning as the buses will be full bringing children to school and workers further down the route will not be able to get on buses for work. There will also be an increase in the number of cars on the road – a thing I thought we were trying to minimise?

I would ask you to reconsider this proposal and also to look at the
prospect of running a bus route down Griffith Ave ( Extension) to Whitehall Garda Station to link up with the 16 and buses going to Beaumont Hospital, (quite a number of people need to travel to Beaumont Hospital ) this is a very long road and no bus covers it at present, I have to walk from Glasilawn Rd to St. Michael’s House Stop on Ballymun Road to get the 4 / 13 to Ballymun and have no way on getting to Santry except to get a bus into Town. I would ask that you look into this situation fully and consult with locals as there is considerable worry in the area regarding this matter.

I look forward to hearing positively from you regarding this matter.

Yours sincerely,