Two year old child burned to death at St Joseph’s Site on Dunsink Lane

As I understand it, on Tuesday afternoon four kids under the age of 5 were playing in an old caravan which had been moved from a bay. One of the kids found a lighter and sparked it. The caravan went up in flames and Michael Mongan aged 2 was unable to escape. This is a terrible tragedy for his family and for the traveller community in St Joseph’s and I offer my sympathy. That whole site was supposed to have been redeveloped by now but Part 8 Planning problems involving Fingal County Council and lack of vigorous action by Dublin City Council has resulted in a stalemate.

The physical conditions there are very bad and this is an accident waiting to happen. Simply a tragedy. Other fire hazards in St Joseph’s have been the overburdening of the electricity circuits due to hot wiring. It is so bad at times that an electrician refused to put in 100 amp fuses which were burning out due to electricity stealing with an attendent huge safety risk.
We have had a meeting with City Officials to try to resolve the whole
Dunsink problem and we will try to get a discussion with Fingal on the
social issues there. Councillor Dessie Ellis (SF) and myself opposed the
erection of a barrier on Dunsink Lane years ago and I believe that we have been proven correct prospectively.