Hampton Wood Affordable Housing

Affordable Housing Unit Housing and Residential Services

To the Chairman and Members of The North West Area Committee

Meeting: 15th July 2010

Item No: 31

Hampton Wood

Planning grant P0877 (ref 4387/03) granted permission for the construction of 1040 residential units. The part V agreement was for the provision of 190 social and affordable units. The developer met with us in July 2008 and said that because of the fall off in demand it had been decided to construct only 850 of the total allowed for in the permission. It would seem unlikely that further construction will take place in the short term due to current economic conditions.

It was agreed between Dublin City Council and the developer that if only 850 units were being constructed 170 units would meet the part V requirement. The sale of affordable housing was by direct nomination from
2006 on and 123 were sold by Dwyer Nolan to Dublin City Council nominees.
The remainder of the units were acquired and transferred to social.