Land Use in Z15 Institutional Lands in Dublin City

At the City Council on 26th July councillors, the zoning objectives of Z15 institutional lands were reviewed under the new Draft City Development Plan 2011 to 2017. The sentence “This council agrees to omit the word “residential” from the Z15 zoning objectives, under both permissible uses and open for consideration uses.”

This change was proposed by Councillor Christy Burke, Mary O’Shea, Ciaran Perry, Aine Clancy, Emer Costello, Mary FitzPatrick and Ray McAdam.

This will immediately devalue all such land. It will lead to a plethora of material contravention motions singularly absent from Dublin City Council for years, may have legal implications for compensation for loss of value, and may lead to loss to the state from institutional redress shortfalls and from reduction in development levies where relevant.

It will return to the agenda after further public consultation. I would be very surprised if this change is retained.