Dublin City Development

As a City Councillor – Bill Tormey is a Developer. I want to encourage
industry, service jobs, educational excellence and environmental harmony
mixed with enough people to create the demand for high quality sustainable
living and working within our city which is the engine of this island.

Bill asked the City Councillors; do they intend to fossilise the city into
a theme park for perambulating geriatrics post work and the hustle and
bustle of productive life? Make Dublin a Mausoleum for the Ulysses Era
where James Joyce could wander around his theme park forever. Are we happy to formulate an anti-social plan to condemn citizens to hours of commuting per day at huge expense and waste of personal and family time? Do we want the suburbs to be Navan, Mullingar, Drogheda and Dundalk? None of these people has any direct influence on our selfish closed insular decisions
because they do not have a vote in elections or have a voice in residents

The government’s announcement that Metro North €3.7 billion will go ahead
even in the present climate is greatly welcomed by me. I understand the
securitisation of fares and income which the RPA have done to get the
project off the drawing board. Similarly the DART underground will be built
at €2 billion cost. For these projects to make economic sense, it is
important to provide the bodies to fill the trains. This requires that the
train passes through areas where there are more than rows of 3 up, 2 down
houses with an average of 2 occupants often retired as the average Irish
longevity heads for 78 in males and 81 in females. We have to intensify

Bill dreams of a city that will take its place in the world of the 21st
Century confident and cheery not backward, insular and smug. Not caring
that 200,000 of our youth will emigrate in the near future. I care deeply
and passionately and will not bend to the whirlwind of narrow-minded
self-obsessed know-all arbiters of what is best for the city and country.
The electorate may respect me for being honest and forthright or they may
kick me out. But I can look in the mirror in the morning and see an ageing
wrinkly aulfella who tells it as it is.

This week I lobbied furiously to try to get a majority to see my viewpoint
and save the city.

What I stood for is set out here to avoid any equivocation.

Inner City – Maximum 8 stories residential and 8 office
Rail Hubs – 6 story residents and 8 office within 1 km of rail or dart
Outer City – up to 6 story residents and 6 office

I also wanted High Rise (above 16 story residents and 12 offices) at
Heuston/Kings Bridge, Connolly/Amiens St/ Docklands and George’s Quay
(following a Local Area Plan)

I supported Mid Rise (up to 16 storey residential and 12 office) in
Phibsboro ( now locked in to the Area Plan), Grangegorman with Dublin
Institute of Technology, Digital Hub, North Fringe, Ballymun, Pelletstown (
taken out at request of Mary O’Shea), Clonshaugh Industrial estate, Park
West/Cherry Orchard and Naas Road.

During negotiations with other groups, I found Kevin Humphries, Criona ni
Dalaigh, and Vincent Jackson in particular very constructive. I thank
Ruairi McGinley and Naoise O’Muiri for negotiating for Fine Gael. The
constructive attitudes of Mannix Flynn, Christy Burke and Niall Ring were
heartening. Others agonising and fawning over pressure applied by residents
groups was particularly noticeable in South East. OMG

What was voted for and agreed was

Height – Low Rise Category

Inner City – 6 res – 7 office (19m – 28m)

Rail Hubs – 6 res – 6 office (19m – 24 m) within 500 m from Dart, Metro
North, Dart Underground and all mainline stations

Outer City – 4 res – 4 office (13m – 16m)

For all areas in the Draft Development Plan identified as either mid rise
or high rise, a Local Area Plan shall be prepared. In high rise and mid
rise areas, the Local Area Plan shall determine the maximum height of
buildings. All areas shall remain low rise until a Local Area Plan is

In all areas of the city, proposed buildings less than mid-rise in height
but two or more residential storeys higher than the prevailing height in
the vicinity shall be accompanied by an Urban Design Statement outlining;
. The context indicating a site and area analysis which includes an
appraisal of the distinctive character of the area adjoining the site
. The design principles which have been applied to the site and how
will be translated to the development in terms of response to local
character, layout, density, scale, landscape, visual appearance and impact
on amenities, including sunlight
. Drawings, perspectives and photomontages to demonstrate how the
has been applied on the site.

Councillor Ruairi McGinley pointed out the increased cost of this work
through Local Area Plans and how this will impinge on the City Council

You – the public – can now judge the degree of political and moral funk
that in evident at Dublin City Council. My objective is to advocate for the
whole country not for a narrow sectional interest.

PS If you look at the webcast, Andrew Montague’s contribution was excellent
and original.