Bill Tormey insists on developing Dublin

This is my public contribution to the Development Plan debate which had been heavily relegated to a low level of political funk in a fearful reaction to selfishness from a lobbying minority of self-obsessed Dublin residents. My summary of what I have been trying to achieve is laid out in my summary contribution on this site. People like me say – “Get on with it”. The reason the country is governed by QUANGOS is because of political funk. I abhor funk. As Dave Wakefield, my rugby captain put it, “Lads if they hack the bloody ball through, go down on the effing thing. You’ll only get kicked.” Nobody chickened. You have to face the moral code of your mates. So Councillors, do the right thing and serve the city and country. At least you will retain your own self respect and the respect of your peers. I have a certain contempt for craw thumping cowards. Others are just cretinous and can’t help themselves. Mannix Flynn has a nine lettered word beginning with a gob and ending with an s for them.