Michael McDowell SC – Sash and Bowler

Michael McDowell is an excellent advocate and a first class lawyer.

However, his political record and the PD record over the past decade is
lamentable.He failed to recognise the catastrophic damage being done to
the country by economic misgovernment. He was supposed to be right wing and
opposed to explosive increases in government expenditure. He was
intellectually “as lathair” when this carry-on was happening. The HSE
administrative behemoth was floated on his watch. He advertised himself as
the watchman in the cabinet of FFers with heavy innuendo but no irony.

My judgement is that the Greens are some way superior to the PDs. Not
saying a lot though when you hear Eamonn Ryan on NAMA!

As for Michael McDowell and Fine Gael. There are a number of hoary old
social democrats left in FG and some are elected in various guises. I have
heard many express the view in the last week that they would seriously
consider their positions if MMcD emerged as a negotiated candidate for FG
in DSE. There would be loud public protests which even Michael McDowell
might find unbecoming. Michael would never be out of the news speaking
“truths” for Fine Gael which might upset some of us social democrats. I
want coherent economics not PDnomics. We had all that and look where we are
now. The PDs are a state of mind. Councillor McAuliffe is recognisably from
that stable.

Meanwhile I promise to go and watch the great man parade around the
Triangle in Ranelagh in full sash and bowler next 12th July with an
accompanying Lambeg drummer and Gazza on a tin whistle. He can call it a
public meeting and put up posters for a week. It will trump Macnas for the
summer. Just the thought makes me smile.