Dempsey must go!

The MacGill Summer School in Glenties in Donegal has evolved into a major
jamboree for the political and governmental classes. It is extensively
reported in the press and makes the headlines. Many of the contributions
make important illustrative contributions to the national discourse on the
genesis and solutions to our problems.

Noel Dempsey has been a long time minister (1997) in the current Fianna
Fail regime. He was around when Mary Harney used a helicopter to travel to
a pub opening. He was in Leinster House when Ivor the Driver was motoring
to and from Bantry. He must know about the Senator Larry Butler affaire
regarding the Foxrock and Kilkenny residences of the venerable senator. He
must have known about Dr Reilly’s overnights in town when he lives in North

Leo Varadkar represents the near neighbours of Noel Dempsey in Dublin 15,
yet he travelled to Donegal using a €55 flight to Derry Airport and a lift
the 94 km to Glenties. Dempsey sent his Garda car and driver to Derry
Airport to collect him from the government jet flight from Dublin and
deliver him to Glenties, then back to Derry Airport for a flight to London.
The cost of this was €7800 for the jet. Dempsey had the Garda drive 500 km
in an empty car. Dempsey wasted €166 million on PPARS and dismissed it on
radio. He wasted further millions (about 35) on E-voting machines.
He is dictatorial in his attitudes and even last week was telling his Meath
constituency that the Dunboyne to Navan railway would go ahead even though
it is not listed in the revised infrastructure plan set out last week by
the government.
Dempsey is quoted in the Herald as saying “The meeting (in London) was a
very important one and in this instance it was the best, most
effective and probably the only way I could do it.”
Dempsey never heard of taxis!