I noticed the other day, that Ray McAdam is a player. What exactly is that?

Is it someone who never grows up? Is it a serial philanderer? Is it a bad boy that women like because many women like bad boys? Does he have to be interesting? Does he have to have dashing good looks or have the carriage and presence of an Alan Clarke? Does he have to have the insouciance, charisma and chutzpah of Steve Norris? Fancy Carla Bruni after she moves on from shortarse Nick Sarkosi? John F Kennedy sure was a premier league player – Angi and Marilyn for a start.

Can women be players? Yes of course they can? What was Diana Spencer only a player? She may have been a great player. Was Queen Victoria a player with John Brown and an Indian Abdul Karim?

Could anyone imagine the tabloid press without players? The lives of players brighten up the boredom of the conventional.

So let the game continue and the players play on!