Conor Lenihan Comic Propagandist

Conor Lenihan is an entertaining lad – social and decent but Conor is a
BRAND. He is TD for dublin South West and Minister for Science, Technology and Innovation. On the day when the EU gave FF permission to pour another €10 billion on top of the 414 billion down the Anglo slurry pit, Conor opines in the Herald “Cowan has shown decisiveness over the Callely controversy and one can expect more of the same for those prepared to disturb the uneasy peace of disciplined governmnet in the months ahead”.
Fairly funny that! Fianna Fail has Behan, McGuinness etc outside their
parliamentary party at present.

Conor writes “Economic recovery is underway despite continuing high
unemployment” – Really the last GNP was minus! The unemployment numbers still climb month on month!

He then says “Difficult decisions require a parrty of government that is
stable, disciplined and prepared to stand its ground………….The reward
for taking hard decisions is never given in the short term” This government is unstable. They just managed to limp into the summer recess. The reward for banjaxing the country will be apparent at the count centres and is currently just hinted at in the opinion polls.

“If Fianna Fail flinch from these hard decisions or relapse into FG-style
internal feuding, then the electorate will feel not just right, but rightly
entitled to punish the party at the polls.”

The European Central Bank and the IMF will not allow the government deviate from their macro figures so there is no option regarding the big picture except in the case of bank funding. Fine Gael was about opinions on popularity not on policy. Fianna Fail’s problems are about policy splits and economic gross incompetence by the present and past leaderships.

Nice one Conor but tell it to the lads in the hotels in Tallaght and not to
the Herald readership. The latter will just laugh at you and the former
will offer you nodding sympathy merely because you are one of Eamonn