Fianna Fail Out

Because of the massive extraordinary delusion of the government in pouring massive volumes of money into Anglo Irish Bank on the proposition that by not doing so the whole banking system would collapse is a triumph of conventional thinking over rational prudence.

I am too conservative to borrow money on a world war scale to fund such a dead bank. Anglo had €70 billion assets which have wasted down to about €10 billion for a “good” bank – BankCo.

By the time Cowen’s regime finishes its term of office, the country will be insolvent and the capital needed to oil the economy will not be available.
When the budget is in such disastrous straits, it is hard to see the way forward. I am Irish on all sides with my roots, generation after generation, in Westmeath and Clare since the 1780s.I RESENT FIANNA FAIL and those muppets Ahern, Cowen, McCreevy,PJ Mara and the rest of the cast of clowns. As for the PDs, execrable!

The propaganda that Fine Gael would be in the same league is dangerous sophistry. I never underestimate Fianna Fail’s “There all the same” impact.
Fine Gael and Labour are not the same as Fianna Fail – never will be.
Fianna Fail’s hard core preserve their apparent sanity by convincing themselves that “they are all the same.”

When they are voted out of office, they are so devoid of scruples that they do oppositionism – they oppose EVERYTHING that Fine Gael and Labour try to do.

The new government will have to stabilise national finances and be totally honest with the people. Economic policy will have to transparently fair. A program for national recovery will have to be laid before the people so that it is clear what we need to do.

Fine Gael should not rush in to selling state companies because that is likely to be a bonanza for the buyers in a depressed market and will result in massive job losses. I believe in society and not countries. People having the self-respect of a job and the hope for a future of valuable work for themselves and their children is central to the new Ireland.

Every Irish citizen should support Ireland using the US model for revenue.