Dublin Mayor

When and if the Dublin Mayor is passed into law, I will support Gay Mitchell for the Fine Gael nomination, because he gives FG the best chance of winning. Gay was Lord Mayor while on the City Council and did a memorable job – Olympics and vision. If he does not indicate that he will go forward, I will seek the nomination myself. Dublin needs a decisive person who will integrate the area and improve the quality of life for everyone.

The Mayor must be able to cogently and coherently argue for Dublin to maximise the potential of the Capital City. Big projects and events must be brought here and economic development should go hand in hand with enhansing the transport system. Waste management, renewable energy, integration of Luas, rail, buses and taxis, advocacy for excellence in third level colleges, provision of english language classes for emigrant children, and support for Gaelscoileanna and education for all in rapidly growing areas such as Balbriggan and Dublin 15. The regeneration of deprived areas must be systematic. Resources should be concentrated in relieving areas of serious poverty from educational,environmental and psychologic blight. Job retraining and continuous education must be lifelong. The Mayor must guard against central government forcing prices to uncompetitive levels. The education industry must be licenced and regulated to preserve our national reputation. It must not be abused to provide a mechanism for illegal immigration. Policy on drugs and addiction must be revisited as gun crime is now a major problem in many areas. The issue of integration of the four councils in the Dublin area needs sensitive handing and the powers of the Mayor should reflect the magnitude of the responsibilities.