Opposition to British State Visit

Here are examples of the type of lobbying by the people who now oppose Sinn Fein and the Peace Process as voted on by the Pople of Ireland. Three of my replies are posted below.



I am writing to you in relation to a motion which has been submitted by Councillor Louise Minihan in opposition to a British state visit by the ‘British Queen’ to the twenty six counties. I am totally opposed to such a visit and am calling on you support the motion when it comes up for debate and vote. I trust that you will publicly support both the motion and the sentiment contained within it.

As a 20 year old Irish Nationalist living in Newry, Co. Down and one of the six occupied counties I see the injustices that still go on everyday as a result of British involvement in Ireland. People in my community continue to be harassed on a daily bases by a Police force set up by the British Establishment in Ireland, that same establishment that the British queen is head of. Irish/British Media censor and white wash the issues of harassment to give the appearance that the PSNI are a police force representative of the whole community which clearly from my own experiences does not seem to be so.

the European Court of Human Rights ruled that Section 44 amounted to the violation of the right to a private life. Although the powers have now been suspended, in 2008/2009 the PSNI used Section 44 almost 10,000 times and majority of the time on innocent members of the nationalist community going about there own business.

Take Newry for example an over whelming Nationalist area just a few miles from the So called Boarder. When operation banner was still in force by the Crown forces of the British Army, we experienced low flying helicopters late at night and in the early hours of the morning. The helicopters would continue to hover at a lower altitude over the area for hours on end resulting in noise pollution and causing a general disturbance across the whole area when most people would be trying to sleep. So when operation Banner Ended in 2007 me being 17 years of age at the time there was hope and expectation that the helicopter flights during sleeping hours were over. However our hopes were smashed when another British State Funded organisation took the place of the British army. The PSNI continue to this day on a daily bases to mount late night and early morning helicopter flights, and in exactly the same way as British army Continue to annoy the population of Newry in the same way.

These forms of harassment can been seen as a direct symptom of British involvement in Ireland along with other symptoms such as Sectarianism, bigotry, division and discrimination.

Both the British Army and The PSNI are Organisations which are funded by the British Government. Both Organisations are Present in Todays so called Modern Ireland. To me there is nothing Normal about a British presence in any part of Ireland nor is there anything normal with partition in Ireland.
Partition in which 6 of the 32 counties help the British Union grow in wealth. One such way which the wealth is earned is taxes claimed from Irish citizens in the 6 counties that goes straight to the British Government which then funds the British monarch and England, people within the 6 occupied see very little in return.

While there Is Still a remaining on going British involvement in Ireland I Urge you all to please oppose a British state visit by the ‘British Queen’
to the twenty six counties.

If Connolly could only see the State of the country today.

Dublin City Council the vote is with you’s

Yours sincerely


Newry Co. Down

Dear Mr Trainor,

I presume that you are part of a concerted campaign on this issue because your e-mail mirrors many I have received. I dealt with the British Head of State’s visit on my website – billtormey.ie

The Belfast Agreement was passed across both jurisdictions on this island.
The Downing Street Declaration signed by Albert Reynolds, Dick Spring, John Major and others was very explicit about British intentions in Ireland.
Doubt was removed.

Any government has to guard life and limb of its citizens – including you and your family.

Therefore any action by bombers or other violent people that injures or kills people must be vigorously opposed. I hope you take steps to discourage violence in your ambit. All forms of claims to paramilitary legitimacy are absurd in the current context. Unless you are a fascist and want a dictatorship. I respect the people of Ireland who now include a significant number of people not descended from human stock in these islands.

I will try to ensure that all Heads of State of an EU state are welcome to visit Dublin. The Pope might be more tricky in the current climate given the recent actions of the Vatican. I’m not sure of his popularity and respect among the faithful in Ireland.

Make no mistake,Fine Gael is a party which is pro-EU and has always been. I have voted YES in every referendum regarding the EEC/EU since the early 1970s. I truly respect the brotherhood of man. Evil triumphs when good men stay silent. I will lobby every councillor at the City Council to make sure that no noxious motions are passed. Councillor Louise Minahan may indicate that she supports your view. I will respect her right to such opinions but I can assure you that there will be very little support for such intolerance.

Democracy and the rule of law will be trumpeted.

Beir Bua

Is mise le meas

Go n-eiri an bothar leat

Liam O Tormaigh

Honoured by Ballymun and Finglas to represent them on the City Council and currently leader of the Fine Gael Group


Original Message:
From: Oisin O’Sullivan oisinosullivan@hotmail.co.uk
Date: Sat, 14 Aug 2010 18:38:16 +0100
To: bill_tormey@oceanfree.net
Subject: No Queen visit to Ireland

‘I am writing to you in relation to a motion which has been submitted by Councillor Louise Minihan in opposition to a British state visit by the ‘British Queen’ to the twenty six counties. I am totally opposed to such a visit and am calling on you support the motion when it comes up for debate and vote. I trust that you will publicly support both the motion and the sentiment contained within it.’

Dear Mr O’Sullivan,

A state visit by an Head of State of an EU member state is a good thing.
Elizabeth 11 Regina is the head of the UK state. Whether her family took on the name Windsor rather than their German origin sirname is their business.
I do not support the banning of change of name by deed poll.

I hope Mr O’Sullivan that you will do all you can to prevent any murders on this island by so-called IRA variations. Another Omagh must be prevented.

The Belfast Agreement was democratically accepted and approved on this island. No government should in any way tolerate gangsters and murderers.

Bill Tormey

Identical e-mails arrived under the name Conor Craddock and Michael Nelson


To whom it may concern,

I’m writing to you regarding the possibility of a visit from the British Queen. I feel it is my duty as an Irish citizen to express my outrage over this news.

I along with many others, feel that it is highly inappropriate for Fianna Fáil to extend an invite to a woman who is the Commander -in- chief of the British Armed Forces.

The British having been responsible for the destruction of our land, for the murder and oppression of our people, for the partition of our counties and yet the Queen herself has yet to apologise for the atrocities in Ireland that have been committed in her name.

The blood of thousands upon thousands of Irish people is on her hands and we’re expected to roll out the red carpet for such a person.

Where’s her apology for what her country has done and continues to do to Ireland? Where’s her deep regret for the innocent people who were murdered by her so called heroic army?

The Queen has never once condemned the British Army for their crimes against humanity. She is for all intense purposes their boss, she advocates the brutal murders that they commit on a yearly basis.

What did James Connolly die for? He didn’t die so that Irish people could sully his memory in this utter disrespectful fashion.

The British State has colluded to hide the truth. They’ve invented stories to shift the blame away from themselves, to conceal the truth of what they are responsible for. They declared War on our Nation, they stood back and watched our people suffer. Starve to death, shot on the streets, interned with out just cause, terrorised in our own land.

The position of the British Monarch is a sectarian one. She refuses to call her own soldiers out for their illegal activities. Does Ireland really wish to be associated with such a woman?

Let us not forget the War that the British are currently engaged in, they aren’t content with occupying Ireland, they also have to be illegally occupying the Middle East.

Do we as a Nation want the world’s eyes on us for this reason, do we wish for the focus of the world to see us welcoming a murderer to our shores? No.

Ireland is a Catholic country, and yet the Royal family are not permitted to marry a Catholic, but still you want to bring a woman of such prejudice to our homeland.

I ask you, from one Irish patriot to another, please do not allow this beast of a woman to come to our country. The scars of the injustice that has been inflicted upon us is all too raw. It can never be forgotten. The British State have and continue to look down their noses at us.

I have made contact with Brian Cowen on numerous occasions regarding this issue, however he hasn’t seen fit to respond to me. I refuse to take part in waving the white flag to a woman who is directly in part to blame for the misery that Ireland has been subjected to.

I’m asking you as Irish men and women to look at this from a different angle, forget the money, forget the publicity, just look inside your heart and remember the pain that our people has been made to suffer at the hands of Britain.

Let her first recognise the genocide of the Irish people, let her take back the medals she handed out to soldiers who murdered on the streets of Derry and Belfast, let’s see her withdraw her Government from the Occupied Six Counties, let her make apologies ,,,, and then maybe we can consider allowing her to visit our land.

Yours Sincerely,
Miss K McAuley

Dear Ms McAuley,

Is your letter serious or is it a parody of absurdity? “Malone dies”, “Sam Beckett died”, Flann O’Brien was not too sure if he was Myles O’Nolan or at swim two birds, Brendan Behan knew a few “Quare fellas”, Oscar Wilde wanted it both ways, Martin McGuinness was in the IRA he says, Gerry Adams was not, he says. Gay Byrne is noy gay but David Norris famously is. Killian Forde is a nationalist. Killian Forde is a socialist but Killian Forde is no way a national socialist. Does the extra e in Ford mean that Killian is posh? Does the sirname “Ellis” mean that Dessie is an English import? Brian Friel threatened to make Philadelphia but got stuck taking Ryanair. No passport – get lost!

When a head of state visits another country, normal civilities are extended. I am comfortable to let the English decide on their own governance. The grant of free money from London to Belfast is huge. The Downing Street Declaration should be read by irridentists like you if you are serious.

Meanwhile Dublin says No and Bill says No! to people like you.

Keep taking the tablets

Sir William (k)night of Ballymun.

Keeper of the Northwest Flame