Incineration and Energy Prices – a Green Potpourri


Ireland incinerates 3% of total waste – European average is 24%

There are claims that Ireland may be fined up to €240 million by EU for environmental regulatory infringements.

Covanta is the US firm that will build the incinerator investing €350 million and creating 600 jobs and the waste to energy will power 50,000 homes.

Diverted waste is now to be buried in landfill in Wicklow, Kildare and Meath until the logjam is broken.

Liffey water is needed for cooling and it will be recycled with a temperature increase of 7 degrees.

Between 2002 and 2009 – consumer price inflation was 22% but electricity rose 67% and gas 120% over the same period.

Ireland is 90% dependent on imported energy.

This year we have introduced a carbon tax to collect €150 million per year and a levy on electricity to raise €157 million per year. A May 1st tax hike on liquid petroleum gas, kerosene, oil and natural gas has added 6% to gas bills and 8% to domestic fuel costs.

The electricity levy is split and peat-fired generators get €78 million.
These generators are 33% dirtier than oil and 200% dirtier than natural gas. These plants are in west Offaly, Lough Ree and at Edenderry. There is a €43 million subsidy to wind farms and a further €14 million to Tynagh Energy and Aughanish Alumina.

Read more in Damien Kiberd – Irish Outlook in the Sunday Times which is no l.onger free on the net. Murdoch again!