“Secret talks on FF-FG Coalition”

I read this on the Front page of The Irish Mail on Sunday written by John Lee. The anti-left bias is the driver of this piece with a page 2 ‘anything is now possible’ as the major parties look for a way to stop Gilmore.

Then a highlighted bit ‘There is still a will to get Enda out’.

Then there is the comment ‘The anti-Kenny faction is open to it’.

The editorial on page 21 is headed “Cynics will scoff but an FF-FG pact is what we need.”

That is SO WRONG. The country needs to get rid of a dire set of FF ministers including the beatified – soon to be santified – Brian Lenihan.
Lenihan has given us NAMA, The €24 billion flush down of Anglo and next will be about €4 billion for Irish Nationwide. Oh Mon Dieu! He has also given us the unaffordable Croke Park deal.

We need a change of government. I agree that a monster Labour swing would be unlikely to give Ireland good government because of internal Labour discord. There are not enough intellectually rigorous people in Labour to do the job that will be like a post-war reconstruction. I do however trust Ruairi Quinn and Pat Rabbitte to do the right think and Emmet Stagg has learned over time. Jan O’Sullivan is very sound also and Joan should be a junior minister in Finance.

It is likely that James Reilly will be Minister for Health and can be relied upon to smell the roses. Lots of people will be squirting saline up his nose to make certain that he can smell properly. Michael Noonan has been showing a gap between Limerick and Meath in Finance. I rest my case. I always liked Noonan since his Minister for Justice days. Phil Hogan should be matched with Ruairi Quinn to get the environment and Local Government sorted out. Michael D Higgins and Jimmy Deenihan should be brought back for Arts and Sport. Eugene Regan must be induced to run in Dun Laoghaire to put his talent into Law Reform. Fine Gael also has Dr Leo Varadkar, a talented individual with an original mind who must be a minister. Lucinda Creighton should be moved into European Affairs despite the little bit of Mayo Argy Bargy lately. Isn’t Fine Gael lucky to have women with her ability to kick over a few stones.

Brian Hayes has worked constructively in education and knows the brief. I think that FG should appoint Dr Edc Walsh or his ilk to the Seanad to increase the level of intellectual rigor in the Oireachtas.

Richard Bruton, Leo Varadkar and Joan Burton should be put in charge of regenerating the jobs market. The weakness is that none have really run a big business unlike Pascal Donohoe. The talent pool of Irish politics is weakened by having far too many teachers and doctors as TDs. Roisin Shortall is likely to be made a Minister for State somewhere. She has done some forensic work at committee level recently and would merit the position.

All in all, you don’t have to be very far-seeing to conclude that the national interest is not at all served by a rump right wing coalition of rejected Fianna Failers and bitter Fine Gaelers. I certainly will not be with them – I will oppose them irrespective.

By the way, the electorate of Dublin Northwest will decide whether I am in the running for any of these posts. The count will tell.